Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Great Judo things are happening

Hey everyone,

Just to let everyone know the summer class is great the instructor or coach Pete is doing a great job and we have been learning lots of good competition throws and we have been getting into some ground work. As a heads up to everyone I have asked Pete to stay on as the permanent Judo coach for our club. The fact of the matter is he has alot to offer and we can learn alot from him. With that being said I think its really going to befit everyone to do this. We are still working on the schedule for next semester but Pete already said that Wednesday and Sunday are good for him so those days are pretty likely for us to practice on. Also just to let everyone know on the 24th Dave Wotton will be coming to our club to do some instruction so lets all show up and make him feel welcome. Lastly myself and one of the white belts from the Judo class are going to a competition in Lancaster Pennsylvania with Dr. Mills and Pete on July 19th, if anyone else in the club wishes to go its 35 dollars for the entry fee and you need to have your USJA membership card. Email me for more information @ ....

I hope everyones summer is going great!
Larry (VCU Judo President, 6th KYU)