Monday, November 17, 2008

Location Help

VCU Judo needs your help!

At the end of the semester, our current location is no longer guaranteed to us. It is not clear if this means that we will indeed be kicked out, or if our tenure at 331 will be continued indefinitely.

Obviously, this is no way to carry the club over the long term.

VCU Judo must find a new home!
Currently, exhausted options seem to include;
The Siegel Center (where flooring and scheduling conflicts make this impractical)
The Dance School (no space left)
MCV REC Center 'Martial Arts Room' (go look at it...)

We are open to any and all ideas, please contact us! We prefer being on campus or very close to it! We need to be able to store our equipment in the location, and preferably leave our mats safely deployed permanently...

Know of such a place? Please be in touch!

All VCU Judo members; We need you're help! Come through, and we can keep the club Alive, hopefully moving to even better space in the near future!


Tuesday, November 11, 2008

New T-Shirts and Sweater coming soon!

Headline says it all!

The VCU Judo club will be getting some new Ts and some hoodies too!

They should be in before the semester is over, so if you want to get one, be here!

Come to practice early, as there are several issues that must be discussed
regarding VCU Judo's future, such as;

New Officers
Budget Usage
Practice Times
Practice Locations

and other issues.

Come in and make your voice heard!