Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Upcoming Judo Events near Richmond

In the coming 6 weeks we have;

MD - Beltsville, Ken Tamai Memorial Fall Judo Championship

Sat Oct 18 – Sat Oct 18

beltsville, md

Judocalendar USA - EAST

sanction details, forms, and flyers for all will be available on http://www.huiojudo.com/events.html
contacts :kevin tamai 703-622-6861 kevin@huiojudo.com , mark smith 301-674-5438 mark@huiojudo.com

Maryland Open

Sat Nov 1 – Sat Nov 1

College Park, Maryland

Judocalendar USA - EAST

November 1, 2008
Ritchie Collisium, Univ. of Maryland
College Park, Maryland

also the Ken Tamai Memorial Fall Judo Championship in Beltsville, MD is moved to Oct. 18th, 2008
also the MD - Beltsville, Shufu Junior Promotional - Shufu Senior Promotional, is moved to Nov. 15th, 2008

karl tamai


MD - Beltsville, Shufu Junior Promotional - Shufu Senior Promotional

Sat Nov 8 – Sat Nov 8

beltsville, md

Judocalendar USA - EAST

sanction details, forms, and flyers for all will be available on http://www.huiojudo.com/events.html
contacts :kevin tamai 703-622-6861 kevin@huiojudo.com , mark smith 301-6784-5438 mark@huiojudo.com

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Please don't forget about Friday

VCU Judoka

Attendance has been pretty thin on Friday nights. I highly recommend attending, particularly if you want some extra time to work on specific skills, or if you'd like to some mat time for sparring.

The current model is very much an 'open mat' by default, but with such a small group Fridays, we can kind of make it whatever we want!

So come on out!

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Recent Randori Footage

Here's a few videos of the end of Tuesday night's practice,

Eddie and Matt

recent yellow belt Zach with Adrian

Ed and Jonathan

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Get a Gi

The judogi, or dogi, or simply 'Gi' is the practice uniform of Judo.

Since the new semester began, we have seen 10-15 new faces, and many have had questions about a gi of their own. It's imperative that you do get your own, but if you're new to the sport/art, it's a little daunting figuring out what you need and where to get it.

This is the Toraki white label single weave Gi, and is an example of a decent cut. It sells for about $55.

This is the Golden Tiger gi endorsed by the USJA for beginners. It is advertised for $25 and $30 for the unbleached and white respectively. These two pictures are a good example of the difference between a $30 gi and a $50 gi.

This LINK will provide you with valuable information about how a gi should fit.

With this in mind, you can start to see some of the differences between the two gis; the Toraki is narrower around the body, with less excess fabric about the waist and chest. The skirt is significantly shorter, and the sleeves are straighter, leaving the closer to the same diameter of extra fabric at both the shoulder and the wrist. It's simply more 'form-fitting'. This will serve for relatively greater comfort over the long term as well as prove more effective for you in training and competition; a thin, baggy gi is easier for your opponent to grip, and is a painful implement with which to be choked!

If you are going to go the trouble and expense of ordering your own gi online, and waiting/paying for shipping, it may be a wiser investment to spend $60 rather than $40 to get a gi that you will not immediately outgrow. Assuming this, here are a few recommendations for quality 'beginner's gis';

All prices are for a size 4 or 170cm cut (5'9", 145lbs). If you are smaller, it may be cheaper, and if you are significantly larger, it may be more expensive.

Fuji Single Weave;
Classic 'japanese cut', a little shorter and wider. Very soft, and somewhat thick. $45
also sold here

DAX Europe;
A popular brand for competitors, a thicker collar and narrower fit about the chest and sleeves. Will suit you well if you are tall and thin or don't get too hot too easily. $45

Golden Tiger
Crap, but cheap. $30

Toraki 'White' Label
Somewhere between the Fuji and the Dax. Nice fit, nice fabric, good reputation for quality

Mizuno Single Weave
Another classic Japanese fit single weave. This will be a little 'tougher' than the Fuji (more coarse fabric). $57

HCK Standard Single
Technically a BJJ gi, and unbleached in color, this is a soft, thick and tough gi. I have had two Competition singles for 3 years. They are also a slightly more tapered fit than the japanese gis, but maybe not as narrow as the DAX. They are indestructible. This one is a little more than the others, but will be a 5 year + practice gi. $60

If you foresee yourself practicing more than once a week, or for more than one semester, make an investment in a somewhat more substantial gi. You'll be glad you did!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Fall Judo Schedule

The VCU Judo club will be meeting

Tues, Thursday and Friday Nights from

7 until 9 pm

in Room 331 of the Franklin Street Gym

see you there